Interview with Oliver Pennington

Oliver PenningtonMoving over to District G, my next interview is with Oliver Pennnington. Pennington is a retired attorney, a partner at Fulbright and Jaworski, whose practice focused on municipal law, and a Rice alumnus. Pennington has lived in District G for 40 years and now resides in River Oaks.

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23 Responses to Interview with Oliver Pennington

  1. Scott Cornelius says:

    I’ve listened to most of not all of the interviews. Mr Pennington is at the very least the most thoughtful of the bunch.And I was impressed with his resume’.

    Ive enjoyed these interviews. The questions are important ones but the interview style is not an attack or “gotchya journalism” just the facts allow the listener to decide for themselves I like that. Keep ’em coming.

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  22. Winzell Lewis Jr. says:

    Ward Cleaver with a dash of Ronald Reagan. A wise man once said “If it’s not broke don’t Fix it”. Mr. P for Super G.

  23. Winzell Lewis Jr. says:

    Despite the problems that exist on the national level, this community sets standards that exceed World Class expectations while lifting the entire city to greater heights. O.P. would be impressive to any serious voter based on Resume alone. Don’t be fooled by the Matlock style presentation,that’s sincere as he is serious. Mr. P for Super G…

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