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What does the Constitution say?

Paul Burka considers the constitutional aspect of Governor Perry’s executive order regarding the HPV vaccine, for which AG Greg Abbott has been asked to issue a ruling. I’ll leave the details and the politics of it to Burka, who covers it pretty thoroughly, I just have one question: If AG Abbott agrees with the complaining legislators that Perry has overstepped his constitutional bounds, then does that retroactively wipe out the 65% rule, too? I’m no lawyer, but if the HPV vaccine order was making a law by Perry, then wasn’t that as well? All I’m saying is that if we’re going to draw a line, let’s be consistent about it.

On a side note, whatever one may think of Rick Perry’s actions, his intent was, admirably enough, about improving women’s health. The facts about the HPV vaccine are pretty clear, despite the efforts of a certain freshman Senator from Houston to obfuscate them. See here for more (thanks to Muse for the pointer).

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