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Crabb not running for re-election

Republican State Rep. Joe Crabb, whose district is HD127 up in Kingwood, is not running for re-election next year.

The announcement came when he briefly spoke at the Crosby Alumni Association Reunion dinner.

Crabb represents District 127 in the Texas House of Representatives.

“It has been 18 exciting years,” Crabb said, “but after 49 years as a Methodist preacher and 26 in the military reserves, it’s time to move on to the next years which will include some fill-in for some pastor friends, some business ventures and much more time with the family.

“We moved to Crosby toward the end of WWII. Other than our parents and church, your friendship contributed the most to our values. We did all our public school education here in Crosby and will always be Crosby Buffaloes at heart,” Crabb said.

HD127 is solidly Republican. Diane Trautman made a nice run at it in 2006, helped by the fact that Crabb was never all that popular within the GOP – he’s drawn primary challengers, usually winning with less than 60% of the vote, for several cycles – but this is a safe seat for the Republicans. Stace, who notes that there have been retirement rumors around Crabb for years, has more.

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