Kirk Watson not running for Governor


There’s been a lot of speculation about my plans for the next election. Well, I’ve decided what I’m going to do, and I want to announce it to you all first.

I will run for re-election to the Texas Senate in 2010.

While I consider Tom Schieffer to be an acceptable candidate for Governor, Watson became my first choice when his colleague, State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, declined to run and urged Watson to do it instead. We’ll have to see if anyone else jumps in – Ronnie Earle, anyone? – or if this is the field we get. And if so, what it means for the rest of the ticket. All I know is that we can’t afford to punt at the statewide level like we did in 2006.

Speaking of 2006, would-have-been candidate Felix Alvarado, whose check for the filing fee bounced, says he’s going to try again this year. I’m somewhat less worried than David Mauro is of Alvarado’s chances of actually winning the nomination, on the grounds that Schieffer, and Earle if he runs, will have enough money and institutional backing to prevent this from being a referendum between random unknowns, as the Lite Gov primary in 2006 between Alvarado’s sister Maria and Ben Grant was. But I admit it could happen.

Finally, here’s Schieffer’s statement on Watson’s decision. We’re waiting to hear from you, Ronnie.

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