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A contender in CD07

I’ve mentioned before that there just don’t seem to be as many Democratic Congressional challengers this year as there were last year. Not sure why that is, but it’s definitely noticeable. There’s still time, of course, but it just feels like most of the action is going to be in other races next year.

So I was pleased to have the opportunity recently to meet John Truitt, who is announcing his candidacy for CD07 as a Democrat. I’ve also heard some rumors lately that one or more other Dems may be jumping into CD07 as well. Truitt’s website needs to be redone, but that’s easy enough to fix. He came across well in person, and has clearly given a lot of thought to a variety of issues. I look forward to seeing him at events in the future, and if other candidates do get in, I look forward to a vigorous debate about how that district can best be represented.

I’m including a copy of his press release beneath the fold. Has anyone heard anything about other districts? Filing season begins next week, so it’s getting to be now or never time.

Former CNN “radio rebel” talk show host launches petition drive to run as Democrat

A little over four weeks after his show on CNN650 Radio News (KIKK-am) was cancelled, John Truitt is starting a petition drive to get his name on the ballot in the Democratic primary election next March as candidate for US Representative from the 7th Congressional District in Houston.

“I’ve been a business consultant and lived in our district for over thirty years,” says Truitt, “and I’ve spent the past four years studying the issues and listening to fellow Houstonians of all political persuasions on the air. I believe I know more than the incumbent Republican Congressman John Culberson does about how people in my district feel about the issues. After four terms he may know what all the Republican leaders, big money contributors and lobbyists in Washington want, but he’s completely out of touch with the people back home he’s supposed to represent. My neighbors want a Congressman that knows us, and represents all of us; not just the wealthy or some far right-wingers in the Republican Party.”

“If you’re rich you’re happy and you’re getting richer,” Truitt says, “but the rest of us are not happy, because we’re really feeling the pinch of runaway inflation in higher gasoline, energy, food and healthcare costs. And while the cost of everything is soaring, the value of the dollar is falling. Yet even during wartime, the politicians in Washington can’t overcome party stand-offs to tackle these and other issues like the war, illegal immigration, homeland security, caring for our veterans, social security, wasteful spending, and on and on.”

“I believe it’s time to stop all the partisan bickering during wartime,” Truitt adds, “and I know my neighbors feel the same way. If I’m lucky enough to get elected, I’ll work with all parties to find smart, sensible solutions to the real problems our country faces today.”

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