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Weekend link dump for August 23

The science of one night stands. Apparently, women are pickier about who they’ll sleep with than men. Who knew?

It is possible to successfully fend off a zombie attack, according to Canadian mathematicians. The key is to “hit hard and hit often.” Now you know why I majored in math, so I could understand stuff like this. Via not-Dwight.

Poor, poor, pitiful Ted.

Damn squirrels.

Chuck Grassley is a tool, and in a just world would be ignored in the health care debate.

Wait, Brett Favre is still playing?

1990’s-style crazy. And there’s nothing funny about it.

Five post-political careers at least as bad as appearing on “Dancing With The Stars”.

Rick Perry lies about health care reform. Film at 11.

Religious geography of the United States.

Category 4 cynicism.

“Total Eclipse of the Heart” in flowchart form (via Yglesias). Funny, but I’m still a fan of the literal video version.

She Should Run.

Unblocked! Woo hoo!

LaRouchie or Republican? You decide. And in case you haven’t seen it yet, the Barney Frank video.

Of weasels and hedgehogs.

Apparently, Tom DeLay is a big fat liar. Who knew?

The most epic FAILs of “Star Wars” design.

Roseann Rogers for Bellaire City Council. Sure, why not?

If you suffered through that Texans game last night, rest assured that there are worse experiences than that.

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One Comment

  1. Baby Snooks says:

    “Rick Perry lies about health care reform.”

    “Apparently, Tom DeLay is a big fat liar. Who knew?”

    Republicans don’t lie. They just don’t tell the truth.