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It’s all about the runoff

Professor Murray also comments on the Marc Campos post that assessed the state of the Mayoral race, and he hits on a lot of the same points that I did, with some more detail. And just in time, as it turns out that Peter Brown is fixing to go on the air next week. I’m sure there’ll be YouTube versions floating around soon enough. We’ll see what he’s got in the works.

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  1. Baby Snooks says:

    Live! From Doville! Sorry but Peter Brown lost quite a few supporters when they found out that instead of being at a mayoral debate he was in France on his annual whatever it is the Schlumbergers do in France each summer. Maybe they’re like the Bilderbergers but for family only.

    Despite an impresssive list of “who’s who” from the social scene, what exactly does he have to offer? Nothing.

    But then he has drawn money and support away from Annise Parker. Which may be all someone intended him to do.

  2. […] noted last week, Mayoral candidate Peter Brown will start airing TV ads this week. A preview of the first […]