DA drops arson charges against Justice Medina’s wife

You may recall the saga of State Supreme Court Justice David Medina, who was indicted on a charge of arson after his house burned down, then had that charge dismissed by Chuck Rosenthal amid much controversy – see here for more links. Along the way, his wife Francisca was indicted as well last year. Now that charge Cameron Willingham, I can’t criticize that kind of caution on the DA’s part. Justice Medina still has other issues to deal with, but this one appears to be closed now.

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One Response to DA drops arson charges against Justice Medina’s wife

  1. Baby Snooks says:

    They didn’t rule out arson. They just, suddenly, didn’t rule out an accidental cause. Sorry but it sounds more like business as usual at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

    It is possible there was something wrong with the evidence presented to two grand juries. If so, the fire marshal needs to explain it.

    Otherwise, well, it looks like Dick de Guerin decided to use one case of arson where scientifically questionable, as opposed to false, evidence may have resulted in an innocent man being executed, it hasn’t been determined by the way that in fact he was innocent, to make it look like maybe this was a case of scientifically questionable, as opposed to false, evidence and raising the possibility of an accidental cause. Which two grand juries obviously had to consider. And obviously rejected. Based on evidence presented to them. Which at this point, again, needs to be explained.

    One comment in the Houston Chronicle did bring up a very good point. The accused should have the right to also present their case to the grand jury. Especially in Harris County. Where the veracity of some of our prosecutors has been and probably always will be questioned by some. Some of them would burn a hole in a Bible along with some of the criminal defense attorneys. Maybe everyone should be sworn in as the trials begin. I suspect our courtrooms would become very smoky from all the burning Bibles.

    In this case, the Medinas might not have been indicted. If whatever Dick de Guerin presented is scientifically sound. Which assumes what the fire marshal presented was not scientifically sound.

    But it needs to be explained. It is not acceptable after two grand juries indicted to have a district attorney’s office suddenly just announce that charges have been dismissed without some sort of explanation.

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