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Endorsement watch: Thanks but no thanks

UPDATE: It would appear that the email that purported to come from Christians for Better Government with the homophobic slam on Annise Parker is a complete fake. I have just gotten off the phone with the Rev. Willie Wright, the president of the real Christians For Better Government, who confirmed this to me. CFBG did endorse a slate of candidates last week, and their real list is included below. According to Rev. Wright, he has been contacted several times in the past by “right-wing groups” who want to use the name “Christians for Better Government” and are dismayed to find that Rev. Wright’s group isn’t right-wing. That suggests the possibility that this is an especially dirty trick, as the CFBG name has been sullied by the fake email. I deeply regret that my post may have contributed to that in any way, so let me set the record as straight as I can: The email that went out earlier today, with the sender’s address of “[email protected]”, which purports to be from Christians For Better Government and which endorses Gene Locke for Mayor while rejecting Annise Parker for being a “homosexual”, is a fake. The real CFBG sent out its real endorsements last week, and their real email is as follows:

Christians For Better Government (CFBG)
3430 Anita Street * P. O. Box 88314 * Houston, Texas 77288-0314
Phone/Fax: (713)655-0315 * Cell: (832)881-1459
President: Rev. Willie Wright Jr.

Pentecostal Churches Make Endorsement

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Contact: Rev. Willie Wright Jr.
Christians For Better Government (CFBG)
E-mail: [email protected]

Houston- Christians For Better Government (CFBG), formerly called the People’s PAC of the International Ministerial Alliance in 2001, is a nonpartisan political corporation comprised of Pentecostal-Charismatic pastors and members who have submitted themselves to the Lordship of JESUS CHRIST in living while being engaged in civil government, public policy, and the political process.

CFBG’s Core Values include but are not limited to the following: Children first, Fiscal responsibility & accountability, Better representation for all hard working Americans, Government that works for all, etc.

CFBG has endorsed the following candidates for Houston’s upcoming municipal elections:

City Controller- Ronald C. Green

City Council Districts:
A- Lane Lewis
B- Jarvis Johnson
C- Anne Clutterbuck
D- Wanda Adams
E- Mike Sullivan
F- Mike Laster
G- Oliver Pennington
H- Ed Gonzalez
I- James G. Rodriguez

1- Stephen C. Costello
2- Andrew C. Burks
3- Melissa Noriega
4- C. O. “Brad” Bradford
5- Jolanda “Jo” Jones

Note that they did not endorse in the Mayor’s race; according to Rev. Wright, they will defer their endorsement to to runoff. Note also that a Google search for “christians for better governmemt” does not yield a result with the Christians For Better Government domain name. Had it done so, this post would have been very different from the beginning. I can’t do anything about that, but I can try to correct the record. My sincere apologies to the Rev. Wright for any trouble my original post caused him and his organization, and my sincere hope that whoever did this gets found out. I’m putting the original post beneath the fold and will delete everything after this sentence after the election.

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  1. […] Kuff writes today about a mysterious group called “Christians for Better Government” (distinguishing themselves from those Christians who support bad government, which is also known as the Harris Country GOP). Here’s what they said: In this election our city is faced with a major deficit and how best to turn our city around financially. That is why Christians for Better Government has decided to endorse Gene Locke for Mayor. Gene is the proven leader this city needs “for such a time as this”. He is a family man and a person that knows how to get things done. He has always been on the forefront on issues that affect the community. Gene understands the community and its needs; the others only talk about understanding. […]

  2. Baby Snooks says:

    I wonder who else besides Carl Whitmarsh got these emails? Maybe some of them can trace them. Why didn’t Carl Whitmarsh?

  3. […] KPRC had a longish story on the hoax email that was sent in the name of Christians for Better Government. Whoever pulled this particular dirty […]