Why I’ll be voting for Jessica Farrar in HD148

I see Marc Campos has picked a side in the upcoming primary fight between State Rep. Jessica Farrar and her opponent.

Commentary’s friend Jose Medrano is running for State Representative, District 148 in the Dem Primary. Jessica Farrar is the incumbent. Commentary votes in District 148. Jose used to work for Jessica. The conspiracy folks think Commentary is behind this race. Sorry pals. Jose has his own pros and friends involved. I like Jose, will vote for him, and tell others to support him because I think he would make a great public official.

Well that’s nice, but speaking as someone else who votes in District 148, I say we already have a great public official serving us, one with a proven track record of doing the right thing. The single most important issue for any legislator or legislative candidate going into 2009 will be where they stand on House Speaker Tom Craddick and his notion of a divine right of Speakers. I know exactly where Jessica Farrar stands on this, because she’s been voting against Craddick since 2005, back before most people realized how important it was to do so. She paid a price for it, too. Maybe her opponent will oppose Craddick, as all Democrats (and most Republicans) should. But why should I wonder about that when I have certainty with Farrar? I’ll stick with the person who has demonstrated her courage when it counted.

More than that, Jessica Farrar represents my beliefs as well as any member of the House. I thought she had a great session this past year, standing up time and again for things that needed a champion. She fought for the HPV vaccine, after many of her colleagues suddenly and temporarily became concerned with the Governor overreaching his powers and used that as an excuse to demagogue against women’s health. She was a leader in the fight against a genuine and pernicious power grab by the Governor on Homeland Security. She fought for clean air. On issue after issue, she voted the way I would have voted, and was up front about it.

Now, maybe Farrar’s primary opponent believes the same things she does, and maybe he doesn’t. If he doesn’t, then for sure I wouldn’t vote for him. But even if he does, why would I want to replace someone who’s been doing a good job and voting the way I like for as long as Jessica Farrar has? Why wouldn’t I want to keep the person who’s been there and done that and has the record to prove it? I can’t think of any reason at all. There’s plenty of need and room for change in the Texas Legislature, but I want to change the parts that don’t work. Jessica Farrar represents what does work. She belongs in the Lege, and I intend to help keep her there.

The choice could not be clearer. If you live in HD148, I hope you’ll make a point of voting in the Democratic primary, and then again in the November general, for State Rep. Jessica Farrar. Thanks very much.

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  1. Wht the hell is with Marc Campus? Is he a political rookie, or political idiot?

    Is Sylvia Garcia behind this?

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