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Holm drops some mail

We have our first indication of campaign expenditures outside the Mayor’s race as Council Member and Controller candidate Pam Holm puts out a mailer. Musings has a look, courtesy of @xtinagorczynski on Twitter. It’s a basic intro piece that establishes her brand and as Musings notes reminds Republicans that they have someone to vote for at the citywide level. You’ll hear more about her being a “watchdog” in the interview I did with her, which will run next week. Anyone else out there receive this? I’m wondering how widely it was sent. Leave a comment and let me know. Thanks!

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  1. Noah Horwitz says:

    I got a Holm Flyer, I live in Meyerland.
    Most of my neighbors including myself ripped it up though.

  2. Justin says:

    Got one down here, but we’re on some R lists for who knows what reason. If they’d just cross-reference our primary voting history…

  3. […] September 24, that doesn’t mean anything. She had spent $10K on radio, in addition to $26K on direct mail. I doubt she has the funds to do a broadcast blitz, but she could probably be on cable for most of […]