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Help Equality Texas

Equality Texas, which lobbies on behalf of equal rights for all Texans, had the misfortune of its office being vandalized over the weekend.

The offices of Equality Texas were vandalized over the weekend sometime  Saturday night or on Sunday.  The large front plate glass window was broken out.  Nothing was taken from the office and there was no entry to the building.  There was no graffiti and nothing to indicate specifically that we were targeted except that we were the only office hit in our immediate area (there being multiple offices with plate glass windows).

  • We have called the police and are waiting for a detective to contact us;
  • We have contacted our insurance company but this type of damage is specifically excluded from our tenant coverage (because we don’t own the building) and our business lease makes us responsible for replacement;
  • We have canvassed our neighbors with flyers and have interviewed the  businesses around us.  We found that one office four blocks away had a back door vandalized on Saturday morning.

So, we cannot determine if this is a specific action targeting Equality Texas.

“We appreciate the concern of our members and our neighbors,” said Paul Scott, Equality Texas Executive Director.  “This act of vandalism, whether random or targeted, is a surprise to us in this neighborhood.   The act was clearly intended to cause damage to an occupied office and has disrupted our activities as well as will have a financial impact.  We thank everyone for their help.”

Repairing the damage will cost around $1,200.  If you wish to help us with the cost, please contribute here.

I hope you’ll consider making a donation to help them cover the cost of this. They’re definitely worth supporting. BOR has more.

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