I confess, I found it rather amusing to be quoted, along with a number of my blogging colleagues, in a press release sent out by the Peter Brown campaign that talked about how so many of us were talking about his TV ads. I suppose that’s the sort of thing that can happen in a campaign like this that has largely been lacking in high notes. Of course, now I’m talking about them talking about us talking about their TV ads…I’d better stop before I get a nosebleed.

Two things to add. One, for all of the talk about the ads, I still have no idea if they’ve had any actual effect on the race. I have some qualms about that KHOU poll, but at least it’s a data point, and a month later it’s still all we’ve got. Doesn’t anyone want to poll this race? Just to see if Brown’s ads have moved the numbers, even a teensy weensy bit? Pretty please? And if we had the answer to that question, we’d be better placed to know if the ads that Annise Parker is now airing have had any effect on that effect. But alas, we don’t.

And two, according to a blurb I heard on KHOU last night and confirmed by KPRC’s Mary Benton, we’ll finally get to see an ad from Gene Locke next week.

In the TV ad, Locke, who has never been a candidate for office, will introduce himself to voters and talk about his vision for the city of Houston.

Did Locke and his top campaign team make a risky decision to wait until Monday?


Locke is not a household name, but he’s been a behind the scenes figure working to create much of Houston’s current infrastructure: light rail, sports stadiums and economic development.

Locke’s campaign manager Christian Archer, who would not confirm the TV ad, told 2 on The Beat that waiting wasn’t a risky decision, but rather part of a disciplined strategy.

Once Locke begins his TV political ads, his campaign expects to maintain a presence through election day, a time when voters are paying the most attention.

We’ll see how that goes. If nothing else, it’lll give us all something else to talk about, and the cycle will begin anew. Better get some cotton balls ready, just in case. In any event, the Brown release is beneath the fold.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Three on TV – “Advantage Peter Brown?”

Lucinda Guinn, Campaign Manager, Peter Brown For Mayor
Telephone: 713-528-0049

Advantage Peter Brown?

A local blogger covering the race asked the question two weeks ago. The answer was yes then, and it’s a resounding yes now. We’re still the most substantive campaign with recently released blueprints to cut crime and make government more efficient, on top of all the others. Still the most creative campaign, and bloggers are highlighting our innovative approach. Still the best media campaign, with our latest television ad out yesterday (that’s three on TV, and two on the radio, for everyone keeping track at home) and a comprehensive eight-page mail piece focused on Peter’s real solutions for an even better Houston! So good, the world is taking notice.  A strong, positive message. A strong, positive campaign. Working harder, getting more done. We’ve got the advantage. And we aren’t letting up.

But don’t take our word for it…

Musings:Advantage Peter Brown? While the two frontrunners in the Houston mayoral race appear to many to be Parker and Locke, I wouldn’t discount Peter Brown. As far as I know, he’s the first one to send out mail. I saw a mailer from him – large, 17×11, folded – that was quite good. It had the same look and feel as his website and commercials – very positive and focused on his experience and building a better Houston. He’s got money, he’s clearly got a good campaign team, but does he have dedicated supporters in enough mass to gain a place in the runoff? His air game is on TV and radio where he does a great job emphasizing his strengths – he’s experienced, trusted by community leaders, committed to diversity and bringing people together, and he has a plan for an even better Houston….If it’s not clear by now that Peter Brown has a blueprint for an even better Houston, it’s not for lack of trying to make it clear here: He’s got two great radio ads, one with the Reverend Bill Lawson: And one with Bishop James Dixon, Pastor DZ Cofield and Reverend Bill Lawson…The ministers, emphasis on diversity and trust – you can’t beat that.”

Commentary: “Election Day is seven weeks from today and Early Voting is in 34 days and so far H-Town mayoral candidate Peter Brown is the only candidate that is SHOWING ME THE TV! You have to figure that is an advantage. The so called front runners, Annise Parker and Gene Locke, are not SHOWING ME THE TV yet. I’m sure there is a bit of nervousness over in their camps. They better watch out for Peter, he even has radio ads airing. I only listen to Sports 610 so I don’t know if the other candidates are running radio but I figure they are not because they haven’t sent me an email touting their radio ads. They need to get off of their arses if you ask me – of course nobody is asking me these days.”

Financial Times: “Mr Fox is cheered by the fact that an architect is now running for mayor. Peter Brown has touched on the need for change in television advertisements promising smart development. Mr Brown says Houston has nearly 100 sq miles of undeveloped land: ‘We have a tremendous opportunity to shape our future that few other large cities have. I encourage smart, high-quality development of urban density that improves quality of life and strengthens neighbourhoods.’”

Commentary: “[If I were the Brown campaign], I’d be feeling good too. They’ve been on TV for a few weeks now. They are putting out some mail. Controller Annise Parker just got on the air last Thursday. We don’t know when Gene Locke is going up although he does have a radio ad running on one radio station. If Peter keeps up this pace he could very well secure a spot in a runoff.”


Mayoral Musings:Interaction, Opinions, Vision – It’s the Peter Brown CampaignPeter Brown has now launched three television ads and is running radio ads as well. The campaign is relying heavily on multi-media to communicate their message. This blogger admits to being fairly impressed. Two interactive tools have especially caught my attention. The first is a video contest... You can create your own vision of Houston and submit it to the campaign. With the launch of their third commercial, the campaign is asking you to tell them your favorite TV show and where you would like the ad to air. There are, of course, no guarantees that it will air during that time but it is an interesting way of seeking input. This is also a fundraising tool they are using to collect more contributions. Seriously, these are creative ideas that involve people in the campaign. Many pundits have indicated that they don’t think the Brown campaign supporters are as passionate as Parker’s or Locke’s. It seems as though the campaign is engaging not just their supporters but Houstonians as well.”

David Ortez: “Peter Brown introduces Mobile Campaign…Peter Brown is serious about becoming the next Mayor of Houston and his actions in the past two weeks have been crystal. Brown was the first candidate to introduce a television ad and radio ad. He has started to mail out material to prospective voters and now he is connecting to folks via those same channels.”

Commentary: “[Brown is] “The Only Candidate So Far…A few months ago a lot of political folks were dismissing the candidacy of CM Peter Brown. So far he’s the only candidate that is SHOWING ME THE TV, RADIO, AND MAIL! You have to figure that he’s the only candidate that is gaining round in the race for H-Town mayor. All the other fellas are stuck in neutral. I’m betting there is a whole lot of nervousness and nail biting going on in the Controller Annise Parker and Gene Locke camps. They better get off of their arses soon or they may be fighting to get in the run-off with Peter. Heck, it would not surprise me if Peter was the only one invited to screen with the Chron’s E-Board since he’s the only one doing serious campaigning.”

Musings:Another Excellent TV Ad From Peter Brown…talks directly about his public safety priorities – be tough on crime, be smart about it, more neighborhood policing, and a real time crime center for faster response times. Terrific visuals. Another great effort by the Peter Brown Campaign.”

Greg’s Opinion: “Slick stuff, but that’s what you get when you can afford to advertise on the air.”

Off the Kuff: “Peter Brown is out with TV ad #3. Also pretty good. Brown speaks for himself for the first time…I thought he did well… Brown has made good use of his media budget, at least from where I sit.”

Houston Politics: Houston City Councilman Peter Brown on Tuesday unveiled his third ad, touting his crime-fighting plan. The ad deals extensively with Brown’s intention to institute “neighborhood policing,”…which an announcer defines as putting “more officers back on the beat, where they’re needed, to fight crime in every neighborhood.”


Musings: “If you don’t know that Peter Brown has a plan for “an even better Houston”, where have you been? Not watching TV, listening to the radio, or reading your mail apparently. I was at a Houston voter’s house on Tuesday evening and what do I see on the kitchen counter but Peter’s blueprint – mailed to her – all eight pages, each page 8 1/2 x 11. First impressions were that, wow, OK, he really does have a plan and here it is. I wonder how such a big piece with so much information got treated by other folks that received it. Did they throw it away after a glance (which is what happens to so much political mail) or did it look significant enough that folks at least set it aside for reading later? I’m not patient enough to read so much text on a candidate mailer. I flipped through it, caught a few messages here and there, and set it aside. I got the overall impression that there’s a plan with real details and that Brown is not just about soundbites….Considering he’s the only one with mail (two pieces), TV (are we up to three ads now?) and radio, I would imagine that at this point, fewer and fewer people would be surprised by that. UPDATE: Just read Greg’s eval of the mailer, and to borrow a phrase from him, he gushes.”

Greg’s Opinion: “As for this mailer, I’ve got to say it’s as close to the type of mail I want to see from any candidate asking for my vote that I’ve seen yet…The remainder of the informational content is solid. It’s suitably “campaign vague” on specifics, but it’s at least in line with informing voters of what you promise to do as an elected official. And more to the point, there’s a lot of it. As in the case of Peter’s first mailer, I think the address side of the piece is really good at adding the SocNet info in without detracting from space needed for other messaging.”

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