Spending on voter outreach: At Large races

I did this exercise for the Controller’s race last week, let’s see now what we can learn about the four contested At Large Council races. First, At Large #1:

Candidate Amount Purpose ========================================================== Karen Derr 88.32 Advertising (Allen Jamail) Karen Derr 298.70 Advertising (Allen Jamail) Karen Derr 50.00 Advertising (GHWCC) Karen Derr 358.30 Printing Karen Derr 386.99 Yard Signs Karen Derr 3,772.51 Yard Signs Herman Litt 849.76 Yard Signs Herman Litt 2,530.08 Stationery, pushcards, invitations Herman Litt 388.70 Campaign T-shirts Herman Litt 784.81 Yard signs Herman Litt 1,001.31 4x4 campaign signs S Costello 150.00 GHWCC luncheon/literature table S Costello 1,037.04 T-shirts S Costello 297.42 4x4 campaign signs S Costello 584.00 Campaign stickers & T-shirts S Costello 584.00 Campaign stickers & T-shirts S Costello 2,189.28 Yard signs S Costello 2,000.00 Yard signs R Rodriguez 60.00 Advertising (Rusk Athletic Club) R Rodriguez 180.00 Advertising (HBAD) R Rodriguez 4,140.56 Yard signs R Rodriguez 576.18 Signs L Allsbrooks 5,000.00 Signs and printing L Allsbrooks 2,000.00 Flyers and brochures

Lots of signs, yard and otherwise. In my neck of the woods, Derr and Allsbrooks signs predominate, with Rick Rodriguez a distant third, though farther north and east you’ll see more of them. I’ve seen a few scattered Litt and Costello signs, but clearly haven’t driven through their strongholds. Given Costello’s cash on hand advantage, I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t do mail, or some kind of media buy.

Candidate Amount Purpose ========================================================== Sue Lovell 11,668.00 Citywide survey Andrew Burks 551.00 Push cards Andrew Burks 156.96 Magnetic signs Rozzy Shorter 375.00 Campaign literature Rozzy Shorter 77.80 Campaign literature Rozzy Shorter 120.00 Flyers Rozzy Shorter 823.00 Signs Griff Griffin 68.00 Printing Griff Griffin 477.00 T-shirts Griff Griffin 324.00 Signs Griff Griffin 1,081.00 Food and drink

Another poll I’d love to see but probably never will. I’m somewhat surprised to not see any expenditures for signs or mail or anything like that for Lovell, given that I’m sure she’ll be doing – and will need to do – these things, and can afford them. Perhaps the signage expenses were in the July report, and the other stuff will be in the 8 days out report. I’m mentioning Griffin’s food and drink expenses because it’s not clear he’s throwing a party instead of running a campaign. Someone over there must love Subway sandwiches, because there are three entries totaling $266 in purchases of said subs.

Candidate Amount Purpose ========================================================== Noel Freeman 692.80 Campaign signs CO Bradford 433.29 Campaign signs CO Bradford 1,979.02 Campaign signs CO Bradford 200.00 Campaign print ad (Holy Name Church) CO Bradford 2,121.75 Campaign signs CO Bradford 880.99 Campaign push cards CO Bradford 1,379.00 Campaign doorhangers

Not really much to say here except to observe that despite Bradford’s padded report, he did legitimately raise more money than Freeman, and has more to spend, including more on things like yard signs.

Candidate Amount Purpose ========================================================== Jolanda Jones 1,000.00 Direct mail Jolanda Jones 500.00 Advertising Carlos Obando 1,050.00 Yard signs D Daniels 350.00 Advertising/Marketing D Daniels 1,000.00 Advertising/Marketing D Daniels 2,000.00 Advertising/Marketing

Unclear what “advertising” or “advertising/marketing” means here. Sometimes these reports give a clear picture, as when “advertising” means “I bought an ad in someone’s newspaper/newsletter/program/whatever”, and sometimes, as when it lists an agency as the payee with no further elucidation in the Purpose field, it doesn’t. The only other item of interest in the At Large #5 group was that Carlos Obando appeared to be filling up his gas tank and buying lunch (a few times, anyway) with campaign funds. I didn’t notice anything similar on the other reports.

I’m going to try to wade through the district race candidates’ reports next. I suppose given the generally meager sums people have raised, this is about what we should expect. I’ll be interested to see what the 8 day reports look like – if Sue Lovell doesn’t have some sizable expenditures on it, I’ll be quite puzzled.

Finally, because I don’t know how long it’ll take me to make something of the district race reports, let me take this opportunity to point you to Stace’s post on District E fundraising, and Greg’s research on KA Khan and the questions about where he really lives.

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