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Where to find the candidates on YouTube

I’ve mentioned candidate videos on here a few times, and it occurs to me that I ought to just do a search through YouTube to see what’s out there for the people running in this election. So here you have it, your guide to candidates’ YouTube channels and other assorted videos.


Annise Parker
Gene Locke
Peter Brown
Roy Morales

All four major Mayoral candidates have their own YouTube channels. Yes, I’m including Roy in that – write down the date and time, kids, it may be awhile before I call him that again – and yes, I looked for the other three candidates, too.


Pam Holm
MJ Khan
Ronald Green

Two of the Controller candidates have their own YouTube channels, which is fitting as they each have their own TV ads. The other is Ronald Green. sigh Green does have a campaign video on YouTube, linked above, which appears on platnumpat’s channel. This same channel also features two vids for At Large #2 candidate Rozzy Shorter; I suspect that this user is also the producer of all these spots, but I don’t know that for sure.

    AT LARGE #1

Karen Derr
Lonnie Allsbrooks
Stephen Costello
Progressive Coalition – Don Cook

All four above are channels. I could not find anything for any of the other candidates. Kudos to the Progressive Coalition for putting together a series of vids for its candidates. That’s the way to do it.

    AT LARGE #2

Rozzy Shorter
Rozzy Shorter
Griff Griffin

No channels, but I did find these three videos for these two candidates. All I can say is that I’m surprised there were no Subway sandwiches to be seen in Griff’s video.

    AT LARGE #4

Noel Freeman
Progressive Coalition – Deb Shafto
Brad Bradford

Freeman has a channel. Shafto can be seen on the Progressive Coalition channel. I couldn’t quite figure out how to link directly to her videos versus Don Cook’s, but if you search YouTube for either of them, the link you’ll get highlights the vids of interest. Bradford has a different video embedded on his campaign website, but if you click the link to view it on YouTube, it’ll tell you it’s been removed. The video above was done in conjunction with one for District G candidate Dexter Handy.

    AT LARGE #5

Jolanda Jones
Carlos Obando
Jack Christie at a candidate forum
Carlos Obando
Carlos Obando at the same candidate forum

Jones and Obando have channels, the others do not. The two vids taken at the candidate forum come from the channel of bigjollypolitics, who has some other examples from this campaign season as well.


Lane Lewis – District A
Brenda Stardig – District A
Alfred Molison – District C
Mills Worsham – District G
Dexter Handy – District G
Oliver Pennington – District G

Lewis has his own channel, which makes him the only district Council candidate I could find with one. Stardig and Pennington’s spots come from the HAR TV channel, which did a real nice job supporting its slate by doing these with four of their candidates (Freeman and Costello, in addition to Pennington and Stardig). I’ve noted before that some endorsing organizations don’t exactly do a good job of making it easy to find out who they are supporting. Far as I’m concerned, HAR put itself at the head of the class by doing this. All you other groups, take notice.

So there you have it. I still may have missed a few, as there are some fairly common names among the candidates, which means there may have been a result or two buried in there that I overlooked. I can tell you that searching for “griff griffin houston” gives a lot of results related to Kathy Griffin’s recent performance here, and that there’s a renowned singer of some type by the name of Stephen Costello, so who knows what else may be out there. Send ’em my way if you know of any campaign videos I missed.

UPDATE: Fixed link to the Bradford video.

UPDATE: Added link to Carlos Obando’s channel.

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