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Halftime blogging

GO GIANTS!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Dammit.

All I want out of this NFL season is for there not to be a Pats-Cowboys Super Bowl. Is that so much to ask?

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  1. Michael Hurta says:

    Haha that isn’t too much to ask at all. I am personally hoping that the Pats get to the Super Bowl and get whooped by the Packers. That would make me feel very good.

    On another note, what annoys me is that earlier this season the Patriots were caught cheating and now no one really seems to care. Instead the media is raising the Patriots to a throne.
    The hypocrisy of the sports media is ridiculous. People cheat in baseball and their reputations are ruined forever. People cheat in the NFL and people shrug it off after two weeks.

    I still think Jayson Stark’s article on Pettitte puts it greatly:

  2. katy says:

    Michael, I think I love you.

    (And my full-size Brett Favre cut-out agrees.)