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Senate fundraising numbers are in

We know that Bill White raised $1.5 million this quarter for his Senate campaign. Now the other candidates’ totals have come in.

White’s take of $1.5 million over the 90-day period ending Oct. 1 — including his personal donation of $414,398 — helped push the two-term mayor’s accumulated Senate campaign fundraising to more than $6 million. White garnered donations from nearly 2,000 new, first-time contributors, said campaign spokeswoman Katy Bacon.

[John] Sharp raised $615,110 during the same period, pushing his total to $3.8 million.

The third quarter numbers are not on the FEC page yet, so we’ll have to see how much of Sharp’s $600K raised is really just another check to himself. Given that 80% of the $3.1 million he’s reported so far is his own money, I wouldn’t be too optimistic, but maybe he’ll prove me wrong this time.

As for the others, here’s a chart:

Candidate Q3 raised Total raised Loans ============================================================ Bill White 1,500,000 6,000,000 500,000 John Sharp 600,000 3,800,000 2,600,000 * Florence Shapiro 354,000 1,000,000 110,000 Roger Williams 336,000 1,300,000 150,000 * Elizabeth Ames Jones 208,000 770,000 0 * Michael Williams 142,000 473,000 150,000

I’ve rounded the numbers off for simplicity. The asterisks indicate that we don’t know for sure how much, if any, loans the candidates made to themselves this quarter. White’s $1.5 million is a bit less than all the other candidates’ totals combined. If you take out everybody’s loans, he’s easily outraised them all overall. I don’t think there’s anything to add to that.

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  1. trowaman says:

    Cash on Hand? The number that really matters, what is it for each of the candidates? Could you add it to the chart? Thanks.

  2. The COH numbers aren’t in the story, and as the FEC data isn’t updated yet, I don’t have that info. When I do, I will update. Thanks!

  3. […] Previously, we saw that Senate fundraising numbers for the third quarter were in. I noted that John Sharp reported raising $600,000, and I wondered if that was for real, or if once again he loaned himself a sizable chunk of that total. Though the page isn’t updated yet, I have my answer in the form of this PDF scan of Sharp’s toplines report, sent to me by the Bill White campaign. In it, you will see that as he did last quarter, Sharp loaned himself another $500,000, bringing the total amount of the money he’s loaned to his own campaign to $3.1 million. If we adjust the quarterly report to remove money loaned or self-donated to that candidate, the cumulative totals look like this: […]