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Chron reports Controller numbers from its poll

As we know, the Chron poll from the weekend also included a question about the Controller’s race. Here now is the Chron story on that part of the poll. Most of the details you know, most of the rest of the story is the campaign’s reactions to the poll and their opinion of how well they’re doing, and the bit I want to highlight is this:

[Ronald] Green said he does not anticipate running television ads in the race, although his campaign will try to connect with voters through mail, recorded phone conversations, radio and phone-banking.

“Voter support for me clearly has a lot to do with experience and qualifications,” he said.

I think we all know what my opinion of Green’s less-than-full-throttle campaign is by now. I’ll just note that I look forward to the eight days out reports so I can get some idea as to how much he and others will have spent on stuff like this.

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