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Early voting: Two big days to go

Yesterday and today were the two busiest days for early voting so far, with 7193 and 8684 voters showing up on each day. Both were better than the corresponding days in 2003, though thanks to the rain-induced slowdown on Monday, this year still lags the in-person totals from 2003 by a 46,258 to 45,997 margin. There were also a lot more mail ballots returned by this time in 2003 – 10,415 to 6,423 – and as we know the hours were shorter for early voting back then. Still, overall the showing hasn’t been too bad, with prospects improved since Monday’s dismal showing. The final two days in 2003 produced nearly 30,000 votes, however, and especially with thunderstorms predicted for tomorrow and Friday, we may wind up falling way short. We’ll just have to see. I’ll make my final turnout guess over the weekend. If you haven’t voted yet, when do you plan to do so? Leave a comment and let us know.

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