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Election Day

You know the drill by now. You can find polling locations here, and you can see a Google map and download a spreadsheet of voting locations in the open Council districts at Greg’s place. The Tax Assessor’s office would like you to know that they are available to help if you have any questions as well. If you look over on the sidebar, there’s a widget to follow Houston Mayor-related chatter on Twitter, courtesy of Greg. And if you still haven’t made up your mind in a race or two, you can listen to my interviews with the candidates to help you decide.

I have not said much about who I am supporting in the Mayor’s race. I wanted to keep an open mind and give all the candidates an opportunity to convince me to support them. In the end, I gave my vote to the candidate who started out as my preference, Annise Parker. I respect Peter Brown and Gene Locke, and I believe either one of them would do a good job if elected. But I believe Annise Parker is the best candidate, and I am happy to vote for her. I hope you will consider voting for her as well.

CNN ran a story yesterday about Parker and Houston’s mayoral election. They also talked to me about the race, which you can see at the end of the clip:

If you missed seeing that, you will have another opportunity to miss seeing me on TV tonight, when I join Nancy Sims on KHOU to talk about today’s election. My advice would be to go to an Election Night party and watch us from there. Happy voting!

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  1. Greg Wythe says:

    Where were the leather elbow patches on that jacket?

  2. Jay Blazek Crossley says:

    I think its interesting that I guessed that you were pro-Annise Parker by about two weeks ago because of how you were saying some things.

    Also, I have been kind of miffed by your claims (which are the same as many other media and blogs) that there is little policy difference between the candidates. On matters that won’t really be meaningful priorities for the next Mayor (pro-choice for example), they all are strong progressives, but on the core of what the next Mayor will need to do, in terms of transportation planning and urban development, they have very different positions.

    I believe that the three parallel universes of six years from now if Locke, Parker, or Brown win are quite different in terms of the city’s real carbon footprint, the availability of urban lifestyle choices, and the general livability of the city, and not to mention that I think the right actions from the City on those issues is crucial to preserving our economy and creating 21st century jobs.

    I think this whole boring, apathy because they’re all the same meme is really bad for Houston, especially because its not true.

  3. Bill Kelly says:

    Shouldn’t you have been smoking a pipe?

  4. Baby Snooks says:

    Given the low voter turnout most likely the “grassroots” of one of the candidates will determine who won. There may be an actual winner. And most, sadly, predict it may be Annise Parker. Who will no doubt be one of the few one-term mayors we have had.

    And of course in the morning the people who didn’t vote will be the ones complaining the loudest. Particularly the Republicans who didn’t like the C Club endorsing Gene Locke and decided to not vote or to vote for Roy Morales to protest the endorsement of Gene Locke.

    And of course there are those amendments. Just wait until HCAD starts using HAR to determine the value of your property!