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West U bans texting while driving

The West University Place City Council voted on Monday night to ban texting while driving.

Drivers who text behind the wheel in within the city’s limits have one week to stop before the council votes unanimously again to ban the practice.


The ban also applies to Web browsing and accessing sites like Facebook and Twitter for drivers.

“We already had no texting in school zones during school zone hours, and we expanded that tonight to include to texting in a motor vehicle in the entire city of West University Place,” said Mayor Bob Kelly.

We first heard about this in September. The ban becomes official next week when they take a final vote on it. West U was out in front of the trend when they banned cellphone use in school zones last year, and I suspect we’ll see more stories like this around the state as well. Like it or not, this is going to become more widespread, and I’ll bet it’s a hot agenda item for the Lege in 2011.

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  1. John Rob says:

    I drive with full concentration and do not see my mobile for reading incoming text messages. I use application with my mobile for listening to incoming messages.

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