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Weekend link dump for November 29

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas sales…

The real trick is to not be an idiot about things you don’t understand.

How To Teach Physics To Your Dog is now available.

Why don’t I ever go to estate sales like this?

How California got into the pickle it’s in.

They do celebrity anti-fur ads a bit differently in the UK. And that link is Not Safe For Work.

Why shouldn’t the wars we fight be deficit neutral? C’mon, all you so-called fiscal conservatives, explain that one to me.

The BCS and Ari Fleischer are totally made for each other.

Fox News and quality control. Yeah, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds.

Sen. Blanche Lincoln was for the public option before she was against it.

James Fallows on what actually happened during President Obama’s trip to China.

The dark side of social network-driven campaigns.

More choices = a good thing, or at least not a bad thing, after all.

Enjoy your later wake-up call, Carl Kasell.

Your liberal media at work.

Want a quick and dirty definition of “slow news day”? Here you go.

I’m not a believer in boycotting Black Friday, but if you are, I hope you especially avoided WalMart.

sigh That’s my home town.

Welcome aboard the Goodship Palin.

I’m more than a little surprised to realize that I own six of these Top 100 albums from the last decade, and about ten of the Top 100 singles – I have to comb through my iPod to see if I missed any. Even at that, it’s still more than I’d have thought.

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