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For those of you who think turducken is too wimpy…

…I give you Turbaconducken. Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. If you click the link, you will either rush right out to buy several pounds of bacon, or you will become a vegetarian. If you’re already a vegetarian, for the love of God do not click the link. I cannot be held responsible if you do.

I linked to this last year, but after being reminded about it by Andria, I figured it deserved its own post. As it happens, we’re having turducken – the normal, old school, un-baconified kind – for our Thanksgiving dinner today. Tiffany picked it up on a whim, and I’m psyched about it. Anybody out there doing something a little different for T-Day? Leave a comment and let me know. And Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Mini says:

    My mom’s a vegetarian, and we’re celebrating her birthday, so it’s a meatless, Indian style Thanksgiving! We’re getting our feast from Bombay Sweets on Hillcroft- some of the best Indian vegetarian food in town. Have a wonderful holiday Charles!

  2. Turbaconducken? That’s incredibly disgusting.

    Thanks for the tip, Mini!

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