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Irving’s sign ordinance

Here’s an interesting story about the experience the city of Irving has had with its new ordinance that restricted signage by businesses.

Strict new rules regarding business signs in Irving were enacted to literally remake the city’s image. The goal is to eliminate what many officials and residents say are cluttered thoroughfares and muddled shopping centers.

Instead, business owners say, the rules are either discouraging people from opening up shop or encouraging them to skirt the rules and undermine the city’s efforts.

And city officials, sometimes accused of letting aging commercial areas turn into eyesores, now face criticism from business owners who say the city is going too far in attempts to bring older areas up to newer standards.

I don’t know how their ordinance differs from ours, but given that Irving was cited by the Quality of Life Coalition as a competitor city to be emulated in this regard, I thought it was worth mentioning. Any thoughts on this?

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One Comment

  1. Mark says:

    Lot of businesses are going to move out since not all can afford to pay a contractor to build a monument sign.