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Lampson for Comptroller?

Former US Rep. Nick Lampson may be getting back in the game.

Former Congressman Nick Lampson, a moderate Democrat from southeast Texas, is considering a race for state comptroller, he confirmed this afternoon.

“It’s something that I’ve been asked to look at,” he said. “I don’t know that I will but I don’t want to close the door on it right now, either. I’ll hear from some of my friends who are talking and seeing if there’s not some actual way that an election could be won by a Democrat statewide.”

Lampson’s look at whether he could unseat Republican incumbent Susan Combs is a further sign of renewed Democratic interest in next year’s statewide races, now that many expect Houston Mayor Bill White will jump into the governor’s race. White, who raised $6 million for a U.S. Senate special election that may never materialize, is expected to discuss his plans Friday.

No surprise that White for Governor may draw in more candidates for the downballot races. We certainly need someone credible for Comptroller, and after the debacles that were Fred Head and Marty Akins in the last two cycles, someone like Lampson is just about manna from heaven. I’m a little surprised he’d consider it, given that he’d had quadruple bypass surgery about two years ago and seems to be doing some pretty fulfilling work right now, according to the story, but if it’s in your blood as he says, it’s in your blood. I do hope we get a bit of regional and ethnic diversity on the ticket, as it’s just a good idea to reflect the electorate as best as you can, but there are still some slots open, including on the Court of Criminal Appeals, so there’s time for that. Let’s just make sure we get it done.

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  1. Robert Williamson says:

    Nick Lampson is “manna from heaven?” Manna sure is not what it used to be.

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