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Two for Treasurer

As of today, there are two declared Democratic candidates for Harris County Treasurer – Chad Khan, a three-time candidate for State Representative, and attorney Billy Briscoe, whose press release is beneath the fold. As you may recall, I spent a lot of time in 2006 arguing for the abolition of the office of Harris County Treasurer as I supported the campaign of Richard Garcia, whose platform included a pledge to work to do just that. Nothing since then has changed my mind about the uselessness of the office or of its current inhabitant, Orlando Sanchez, but I no longer believe that getting legislation passed to abolish it – I believe a Constitutional amendment would be needed – is likely. So what I’m looking for this time around is someone to explain to me how exactly they plan to make the Treasurer be something other than a waste of tax money. Find something useful to do in that office – a promise to attend every Commissioners Court meeting with the intent of being a general pain in their ass would be a good start – and I’ll support you. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

[Friday] Billy Briscoe, local attorney, businessman, and community leader, filed to run for Harris County Treasurer in the Democratic primary. “I have a passion to serve the community, and several people have recently asked me to consider running for County Treasurer. Today, I formally accepted that challenge,” Briscoe said. “I have the education, experience and ideas to serve the people of Harris County well as their next Treasurer.”

A number of community leaders who have worked with Briscoe over the years are rallying behind his candidacy for Harris County Treasurer. Briscoe’s campaign treasurer is Ada Edwards, former Houston City Council member.

The office of County Treasurer has the duties of depositing county funds and executing expenditures authorized by Commissioners Court. The position is currently held by Orlando Sanchez, who has previously run twice unsuccessfully for Mayor of Houston. “My private-sector experience and financial expertise will ensure that Harris County taxpayer dollars are safe during tough economic times,” Briscoe said.

Billy Briscoe grew up in Houston’s South Park and Third Ward communities. He received a BA from Hampton University, a law degree from the University of Houston, and a Masters in Business Administration in corporate finance and strategy from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Billy serves on the boards of American Red Cross – Southeast Branch, Making It Better, Inc., Harris County Improvement District 12 and Have Haven, Inc. He lives in the MacGregor neighborhood with his wife Tiffany and their two children. They attend Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church.

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  1. Chad Khan says:

    In 2006, Mr. Richard Garcia campaigned about abolishing the County Treasurer’s office and I supported his campaign. I still believe that the County Treasurer’s office has little use and is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Once elected, I will attend every meeting of the County Commissioner’s court with the intent of serving as a watchdog for the taxpayer, which would include working to prove the ineffectiveness of the office. I believe the abolishment of the office must begin from within the office and I vow to work toward that end.

    Here’s the press release:

    HOUSTON—Longtime Harris County community Volunteer Chad Khan announced on Monday that he would seek the office of Harris County Treasurer in the 2010 Democratic Party Primary.

    “These are tough economic times, and Harris County needs a county treasurer who will do the most for our tax dollars,” Khan said.

    As treasurer, the county’s chief investment officer, Khan said he would work to ensure that the county’s funds are invested in a manner to secure citizens the highest, yet safest, return possible. He also pledged to work with other county officials and departments to help institute efficiency audits to assist all county departments in saving tax dollars.

    “Working together, we can save as much money as possible for Harris County taxpayers,” Khan continued.

    A longtime Harris County resident, Khan owns two successful small businesses which have been in operation since 1987.

    He is past-president of the Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 285, currently serving as a Secretary/Investment Officer; the North Channel Emergency Medical Services District as Treasurer; and is the past president of the Wood Forest North II Homeowners Association. Khan also serves on the Citizen Leadership Committee for Galena Park ISD, and he is a Board Member of Cypress Creek YMCA.

    Khan earned his Bachelor’s Degree in business; Khan has been married to his wife, Jenny, for 21 years. They are the parents of eight-year-old twin daughters.

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