What building is that?

A couple of weeks back, I got an email from Wayne Lorentz, the founder of the Houston Architecture Info forum, telling me about a new iPhone app called Towrs. From the email he sent me:

Right now it’s for the iPhone (if I can get my hands on a Blackberry I’ll test it there, too), and uses the iPhone’s geolocation feature to display the interesting buildings near where the user is standing. Downtown Houston and Galveston are two of the areas it is designed for. It also works well in Chicago, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, and a few other cities.

At the time I received this, I was totally focused on the Houston runoffs, and I told him I’d mention this on the blog once that was over. Well, I promptly forgot about it, but was thankfully reminded by this Swamplot post about it. As noted, all you need to do is point the iPhone’s browser to Towrs.com and it should just work. I’m not iPhone-enabled, so I can’t vouch for it myself, but if you want to know more, drop Wayne a note to [email protected] and let him know. Happy sightseeing!

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