Got something to say to me?

Now hear this: Christine has declared today to be an International Comment On Blogs Day. So, if you’ve always wanted to leave a comment here but never got around to it before, now’s your chance. Or if you are a regular or semi-regular commenter here, consider this an excuse to do your thing. Let’s call this an open thread, so comment away. Enjoy!

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6 Responses to Got something to say to me?

  1. Jay Lee says:

    We need an International Trackback Day as well…

  2. Jim Thompson says:

    Don’t forget that January 31st is also National Gorilla Suit Day. If you got one, wear it!

  3. Jim,

    It used to be that, but not any more:

    The past few years, this weblog has celebrated the work of a brilliant cartoonist named Don Martin by noting his very funny holiday, National Gorilla Suit Day. I’ve encouraged you to remember the late Mr. Martin and his work and now I’m in the odd position of…well, not discouraging you but just announcing that Don’s widow has asked me not to mention him or his holiday and to delete all past mentions of both. I don’t fully understand why but I still have (and will always have) the greatest respect for the man…so I’ve done as she asks. I don’t think I would do this for anyone else so Mrs. George W. Bush and Mrs. Dick Cheney, don’t bother asking.

    I’m sad about this, but I too will respect Mrs. Martin’s wishes.

  4. wixer says:

    Jay Lee sent me. first visit.

  5. Christine says:

    Hi Charles! You know me, I’m never afraid to comment! 🙂 Thanks so much for spreading the word! Everyone, come out and play!

  6. Patrick says:

    Twenty-Five Things I think I think:

    I think the Patriots will win the Super Bowl…handily.
    I think that Dr. Bill Donahue likes to be on camera.
    I think the designated hitter rule in baseball sucks.
    I think the presidential candidate that is first to get Joe Sixpack’s cabeza wrapped around the concept that alternative energy isn’t just about addressing global warming but also reduces dependence on (and demand of) petroleum products in a systems that converts our dollars for getting Justin and Jennifer Sixpack to soccer practice into funding for folks that want to kill us, will have a leg up in the election.
    I think that given my short version of that last thought took so long, getting the lightbulb to come on for the Sixpack clan is going to be tougher than it should be.
    I think my sister-in-law is going to have a hard time picking a candidate to support this year.
    I think American Idol is going to be a guilty pleasure for me this spring.
    I think the writers strike can’t get settled soon enough.
    I think Jason Reitman may end up being a more successful comedy director than his father, Ivan.
    I think everybody should read Omnivore’s Dilemma.
    I think the fact that I can walk into a hospital and walk out less than 5 hours later having had surgery AND filled out the insurance paperwork is pretty awesome.
    I think that how you answer the question “What do you think happened to Ofelia at the end of Pan’s Labrynth?” says a lot about your outlook on life…well, at least on the day you answer the question.
    I think the fact that my business laptop has less memory than a small iPod sucks ass.
    I think the fact that next week sometime Deb at Debutaunt will celebrate 2 years since her transplant is proof that God, the Catholic Church and stem-cell transplants can find some common ground.
    I think that Deb’s still with us is pretty damn awesome.
    I think the Astros really need some starting pitching.
    I think that Mack Brown should thank his lucky stars that Nick Saban wanted Vince Young to play WR at LSU.
    I think Mack Brown needs to fire Greg Davis.
    I think wine dinners were better 2 years ago when not everybody did them.
    I think if a more reasonable option for health care existed I’d retire much earlier.
    I think the economic stimulus package (Ponies and candy for everybody!) which encourages people to spend money when our national savings rate is so low is pretty stupid.
    I think there are worse things to do on a car trip than try to figure out the playful lyrics on “Putting the Days to Bed” by the Long Winters.
    I think given what I’ve been able to see and do after growing up in rural Louisiana that “Forrest Gump” isn’t that far-fetched.
    I think life’s too short to postpone joy. (Actually, this one I know.)
    I think I like this idea of Christine’s.

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