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Bidding for another Super Bowl

We’ve missed out the last two times we’ve tried, but Houston is once again bidding to host a Super Bowl.

The Texans hosted Super Bowl XXXVIII in February 2004. In the next three years, the Super Bowl will be held in Tampa (2009), Miami (2010) and Dallas (2011).

“When I received the bid specifications from the NFL, I circulated them to leaders in the community to get their response,” Texans owner Robert C. McNair said. “Their response was an overwhelming and totally-committed, ‘Yes, we want to bring the 2012 Super Bowl to Houston.’ With that, I said I would totally support our community’s efforts.”

Houston may have trouble winning the bid since Dallas will host the game at its new stadium in 2011. But Houston officials are hopeful they can lure the game to Texas two years in a row.

Houston also bid on the 2009 and 2010 Super Bowls. Tampa won the 2009 bid in May 2005. In October 2005, Miami won after Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga offered up yachts to each NFL owner at the last minute.

“I was feeling pretty good until Wayne Huizenga said everybody was going to get a yacht for a week,” McNair said after the voting in 2005. “And he guaranteed they’d all be over 100 feet long.

“I offered quail hunting, but that didn’t quite compete.”

Good to know the process is so objective, isn’t it? We’ll see what happens. I personally will be rooting for the delegation to succeed, but it’s not that big a deal one way or the other. What do you think?

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  1. Patrick says:

    I can see the NFL taking a look at the major cable providers in the cities that are bidding on the Super Bowl and noting if they include the NFL Network on the appropriate cable package as a factor to consider.

    This is a league that used it’s clout to get MLK Day recognized in Arizona as holiday. Remember it yanked Super Bowl 27 out off Arizona and held it in the Rose Bowl and did not award another Super Bowl to Arizona until the state made it a holiday.

  2. Charles Hixon says:

    I think it’s our oversupply of lawyers pushing for this to provoke some more action. The last one kept them busy.

  3. Leisa says:

    I think it would be nice to get a Super Bowl with a more manageable Roman numeral. Or maybe we should go straight for bidding Super Bowl LXXXVIII in 2054.

  4. The_Other_Sarah says:

    Houston doesn’t need another Super Bowl — but if Houston wants to throw its muscle behind bringing the 2012 bowl to Texas, they should assist with the 2013 bowl in New Orleans.
    It’s time to acknowledge that without some large amounts of money coming in to help, and large numbers of people coming in to see, the City of New Orleans will continue to languish.
    That’s a shame.

  5. GusF says:

    The NFL awarded the Super Bowl to entice us to finance Reliant Stadium. Beyond that, don’t expect another one until it’s time to build the next stadium. Beyond these stadium enticements, expect the Super Bowl to rotate between Miami, San Diego, and New Orleans – with an occasional Tampa and Phoenix.