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Republican State Rep says Perry can’t beat Bill White

I wonder how many people will be thinking along the same lines as State Rep. Rick Hardcastle.

When the Legislature does reconvene in 2011, one big question will be who is governor?

“Whether or not we’ll have a new governor, no one will know until March,” Hardcastle said. “If Bill White wins the Democrat primary, whoever wins the Republican primary better get their work boots on. Bill White is the most popular governor of any big city in the nation. Houston is a huge voting block.”

Hardcastle said while he supports both Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison, he said he is leaning toward Hutchison for a variety of reasons.

“I think Kay can beat Bill White, and I don’t think Rick can beat Bill White,” Hardcastle said. “I think the (Trans Texas) Corridor will kill him against Bill White. I don’t want to see a Democrat governor when we have a Republican majority.”

Link via Come and Take It, who wonders if other State Reps are in the same position. The idea that only Kay can beat Bill isn’t a new one, and with Team Hutchison leaking an internal poll that shows them up two points on Perry, it won’t surprise me at all if you start to hear more of this spoken out loud. Of course, given how lousy a campaign KBH has run against Perry, it’s far from clear to me that she would do any better in the general than he would, though at least she would have the advantage of not being Rick Perry. Anyway, just something to keep an eye on. BOR has more.

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  2. Bill Kelly says:

    Rick Hardcastle is a good man and a great advocate for stem cell research. I’m sure his views on that matter are much more in line with Bill White and Kay Bailey than Rick Perry.

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