The SBOE takes on social studies

Somewhat surprisingly, nothing too horrible appears to have happened. Yet.

Kindergartners would learn about a Texas revolutionary and first-graders would discuss the idea of holding public officials accountable under proposals approved Thursday by the State Board of Education, which began reshaping the guidelines for social studies lessons.

The board was wading through dozens of amendments before an expected first vote on the new standards, which will dictate what some 4.8 million students from kindergarten through 12th grade are required to learn in social studies, history and economics classes for the next decade. A final vote is expected in March.

What’s decided in Texas could affect what school children elsewhere learn as well. The guidelines will be used by textbook publishers who develop material for the nation based on Texas, one of the largest markets.

Do remember that as was the case with the science standards, what happens now isn’t final. It’s the vote in March that really matters. For the full gory details of the testimony and debate, see the TFN blog here, here, and here – they’re on a dinner break right now, so there’s still more to come – and the Trib here and here.

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