Weekend link dump for January 31

If I cared about the Pro Bowl, I’d probably think that it was wrong for it to happen before the Super Bowl.

Who’s screwing whom?

I can’t say my Facebook experience has been the same as this, but I certainly have learned a few things about old friends and classmates.

No love from Rick Perry for Republican bloggers from Texas.

I sometimes wonder what politics would be like if the professional political pundits weren’t such idiots. I often wonder the same thing about sports, too.

I suppose a bright side to that Supreme Court ruling about corporate campaign spending is that a flood of foreign corporate and government spending on our elections might put a bit of a dent in the trade deficit.

Oh, and if corporations are basically the same as people, does that mean they’re eligible for the death penalty?

RIP, Julia the Chicken.

An equal population map of the US.

I too am oddly fascinated by the weird teeth dude.

The old music business model is very deservedly dead. Long live the new music business model.

How quickly the worm can turn.

Tim Tebow’s mama got to make a choice. (If you believe her, anyway. In truth, it seems she had no choice.) If she had her way, other women would not be able to make their own choice. Oh, and can we please have some consistency about these kinds of ads during the Super Bowl?

He should have stuck with being a pimp. More here. Oh, and did we mention his connection to Rick Perry and his blog buddies? Just don’t count on them standing by you, dude.

Okay, that’s one good thing about Andre Dawson being elected to the Hall of Fame.

Oh, Governor Perry, your gun is so long and hard!

And if that’s not a good lead in for this

Enjoy your retirement, fellas.


Who owns “Who dat”? Who cares?

Now this is what I call a government job.

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2 Responses to Weekend link dump for January 31

  1. Linkmeister says:

    I admit I only care about the Pro Bowl for financial reasons, but my state has about $25M good financial reasons to care.

    And having it before the Super Bowl guaranteed it would be even less entertaining than it used to be. There have been a few high-scoring games out here recently, though.

  2. Mike says:

    I like the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl – because I am still in “football mode”. They had Drew Brees and Payton Manning sitting down next to each other talking to Boomer – I thought that was kind of interesting – seeing who could praise the other guy’s team the most. You had Schaub throwing to Johnson for TD / long passes – nice to see the Texans stars outplaying nearly everyone else. And I liked the game being in Miami – just seems more convenient than Hawaii and since it is in the SB host city, the players in the Superbowl are all there for interviews etc.

    And anyway, after the Super Bowl, it’s baseball season…

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