Endorsement watch: HGLBT Political Caucus and judicial races

I don’t have a press release yet, but via email from Kris Banks, the President of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus, here are the endorsements the Caucus has made in Harris County Democratic Party judicial primaries:

113th Civil District Court
Christina Bryan

157th Civil District Court
Chuck Silverman

180th Criminal District Court
Lori Gooch

189th Civil District Court
Andy Pereira

190th Civil District Court
Jim Wrotenbery

234th Civil District Court
Tanner Garth

245th Family District Court
Janiece Horn

247th Family District Court
Clinton “Chip” Wells

248th Criminal District Court
Trent Gaither

270th Civil District Court
Charles Spain

281st Civil District Court
Donna Roth

295th Civil District Court
Paul Simon

308th Family District Court
Bruce Kessler

310th Family District Court
Judy Dougherty

311th Family District Court
Steve Herskowitz

313th Juvenile District Court
Natalie Oakes

314th Juvenile District Court
David Longoria

315th Juvenile District Court
Bill Thursland

County Court at Law No. 1
Steve Reilley

County Court at Law No. 2
Damian E. LaCroix

County Court at Law No. 3
Damon Crenshaw

County Criminal Court No. 1
Beverly D. Melontree

County Criminal Court No. 2
Mary Connealy Acosta

County Criminal Court No. 13
Dennis Slate

County Criminal Court No. 3
Judith Snively

County Criminal Court No. 9
Silvia Pubchara-Munoz

County Criminal Court No. 12
Robert “Bob” Cardenas

County Probate Court No. 2
Joellen Snow

County Probate Court No. 3
Mary Galligan

Note that these are for contested primaries only. The Caucus will make their endorsements for non-judicial races on Wednesday. I’ve updated the 2010 Election page to reflect these recommendations, and will again when the non-judicial endorsements come out. Martha has more.

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