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Rasmussen’s latest on the GOP primary

I have three things to say about this Rasmussen poll of the GOP Governor’s primary, which shows Rick Perry with 44%, KBH with 29%, and Debra Medina with 16%.

1. People are starting to talk seriously about the possibility of a runoff in this race. Many Democrats I talk to like the idea of Perry and KBH spending a ton more money for another month to beat each other up. There is much to be said for that, to be sure, but a part of me thinks that the longer the story is about Rick versus Kay, the less attention there will be paid to issues that the rest of us care about, and I’m not convinced that’s a net positive for the Democrats. But maybe I’m just overthinking it.

2. I’ve said all along that I do not expect Medina to do any better than Ron Paul’s 4.88% showing in the 2008 Texas Presidential primary. I still think the polls, which have lately shown her consistently above 10%, overstate her strength. I have to admit, though, she’s gotten a lot of good press from her relatively strong showings in the debates, which really isn’t saying all that much when you consider how lousy KBH was and how uneven Perry was in each, and it’s entirely possible that she’s become a viable “not Perry” choice for folks who wouldn’t have considered her before. I’d still bet the under on her, but I’d be a little reluctant to bet my own money at this point.

3. Is anyone going to poll the Democratic primary? We’ve got Dr. Murray’s back of the envelope guess, but other than that, nada. Surely someone has surveyed a few likely voters somewhere. Right?

And with that, I’m off to fire up the TiVo for tonight’s season opener of “Lost”. Burka has more, and my thanks to the Trib for the Rasmussen link.

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