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Saturday video break: Demon sheep

You really do have to see the now-infamous “Demon Sheep” ad to believe it.

Remember that scene from Altered States where William Hurt breaks out of the isolation chamber and eats a deer, and wakes up the next morning with his mouth all bloody? I think the only thing that surprised me about this video was that it didn’t go there.

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  1. Linkmeister says:

    Damn. If I lived in California I’d consider voting for Campbell. Any Republican willing to admit taxes are another tool in the box to fix that state’s mess has at least half a brain more than his competitors.

  2. Brown Bess says:

    They’re in California, right? Home of the film industry? And this is the result when they get the best and brightest together for a Silicon Valley Republican? My God, the state IS is a serious decline…..