Petition to bring back WestFest

Those of you who remember the old Westheimer Street Festival may be interested to know there’s a petition to start it up again.

For twenty years, the Westheimer Art Festival / Westheimer Street Festival served as an essential shared community experience within the Montrose neighborhood, brought welcome revenue to Lower Westheimer merchants, and put forth a fun and welcoming face for the community to Greater Houston at large.

It has been a decade since poor management brought the festival to a close. Now, a new coalition of community organizers and business operators¬†want to bring it back–but they need your help, and your voice in support of their efforts.

Click the links to learn more, and sign up if you’re interested.

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One Response to Petition to bring back WestFest

  1. Temple Houston says:

    This is crap. If you lived in Montrose during the heyday of the festival, you know it was not a shared experience within the Montrose community. It was drunken trash who did not live in the neighborhood coming in to look at the freaks who lived in Montrose. They felt they had no need to act courteously or responsibly toward the residents, their pets, and their property. Gays had to be particularly careful after nightfall. The merchants on lower Westheimer closed up during the festival because of shoplifting and other non-profitable problems. Let these people who want to profit off the neighborhood pick on some other neighborhood. Try Kingwood.

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