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BAE loses Army truck deal

I didn’t comment on the story of the Army rejecting BAE Systems’ appeal to keep the contract to build combat trucks at its Sealy plant, but BOR said most of what I would have; you should also see this comment by CD10 candidate Ted Ankrum. (My previous blogging about it is here.) I don’t think what happened is a surprise, nor is the reaction from the various Republican elected officials who are now concerned that the federal government is spending less money on something and chastising it for not continuing to send its evil, dirty money to Texas in order to save jobs. Who knew federal money could do such a thing? (Here’s another local example of a hardworking fiscal conservative who wants the federal gubmint to quit spending so damn much money outside of his own district. Is that really so much to ask? Too bad his district is no longer represented by a ranking member of the majority party, by the way.) Anyway, I hope that BAE Systems is successful at diversifying its production line and winning other opportunities, and that in the end the impact of this decision is much less significant than what is being predicted now. And like all those Republican elected officials, I look forward to a day when the federal government spends more money here in Texas. May they all work harder towards that end.

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