Endorsement watch: Star-Telegram for White

The last of the major dailies to endorse in the Governor’s primaries goes with the crowd.

The best choice for Democrats in the gubernatorial primary becomes more obvious by the day.

Former Houston Mayor Bill White has been the front-runner since the December day he announced he was closing down his U.S. Senate exploratory committee to seek his party’s nomination for governor. In a field of seven candidates, White, 55, stands out as bright, serious and experienced in business and public service.

During six years as mayor of the state’s largest city, White worked to make the Houston area the nation’s leader in job growth while orchestrating a budget reorganization that reduced the city’s unfunded employee pension liabilities. His pragmatic approach to air-quality issues related to natural gas drilling reveals a reasonable balance between public safety and economic development. And his direction of Houston’s response to the migration of Hurricane Katrina refugees from New Orleans followed by those fleeing the threats of Hurricanes Rita and Ike highlighted his logistical deftness and humanitarian understanding.


The Star-Telegram Editorial Board recommends Bill White in the Democratic gubernatorial primary.

And also like everyone else, they went with KBH on the Republican side. So the question then becomes, assuming we get the White-Perry race everyone is expecting, will they all then endorse White for November? Assuming nothing terribly unexpected happens in the next few months, my guess is yes, that’s what they will do. Won’t that be something?

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