Endorsement watch: Chron goes for Miles

I’m glad to see this.

Based on their comparative records over the past two legislative sessions, we believe [Borris] Miles would better deal with the enormous social service and infrastructure needs of [HD146].

Miles, who was born in the district, built one of the largest African-American-owned insurance agencies in the nation. As a businessman he has already played a key role in revitalizing two city blocks of retail property in his community and wants to bring similar upgrades to other areas as well.


Miles’ proven business acumen and leadership abilities make him the better-qualified candidate of the two. We urge Democratic primary voters to return him to the Legislature.

In terms of accomplishments, it’s not close. Miles did more in his one term than Edwards has done in his last half dozen or more. For all Edwards’ talk about seniority, I can’t think of a single bill he was a player on last year. If you want to get stuff done, Miles is the clear choice.

In other endorsement news, the Chron endorsed Sue Schechter for County Clerk, and went with the appointed incumbent and the hand-picked successor on the GOP side in the tax Assessor and County Clerk races.

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2 Responses to Endorsement watch: Chron goes for Miles

  1. joe says:

    Re: Can’t think of a single bill he was a player on last year.

    Edwards carried the bill that had the physician loan repayment program in it, which was a very important piece of legislation that would bring doctors to medically under served areas of the state like rural and urban areas. It’s a great piece of legislation.

    The only thing is that Reps. Chisum and Coleman were the ones responsible for it. Chisum’s HB 1876 got stuck in committee, and Edwards just happened to have a random bill (HB 2154) on the floor that was germane to an amendment. That said, when it came time to lead or get out of the way, he at least knew that he should get out of the way and let real legislators work.

  2. OldSOul says:

    For you to be the expert to miss the physician loan Bill in your commentary is sad. As well versed as you are you chose to skip that little piece of Legislation and make a false statement.

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