KBH: Did I say I was going to leave the Senate after the primary, win or lose?

Surely you didn’t believe her, did you?

With four days to go before the gubernatorial primary, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison this morning bought herself as many as eight more months in the Senate. Speaking on WBAP’s Mark Davis Show, she said she plans to resign from the Senate
“sometime this year before the November elections.”

That’s a rather significant amendment to her most recent public posture. In December, at a Republican gathering in Galveston, she said she would resign after the primary, win or lose. And she has repeated that privately to GOP donors and supporters.

Technically, the term “after” can encompass two minutes, two months or two years. And it was always safe to assume the Galveston declaration left wiggle room in case of a runoff six weeks after the March 2 primary.

But there’s no denying that the impression Hutchison left – and meant to leave – was that she would resign soon after the primary. Soon as in days or weeks, not seven or eight months.


This marks at least the fifth iteration of Hutchison’s resignation plans. Last summer she said she would resign by the end of November. That turned into, by November she would announce her plans for when she would resign. Then came, she would stay in the Senate long enough to fight Democratic health care reform and cap-and-trade legislation and then resign. And then the December declaration in Galveston.

There’s really only one way to react to this. Well, once you’re finished laughing hysterically because it’s what you’ve been saying all along about how nobody knows what KBH will do. That would be this:

As someone once said, how can we miss you if you won’t go away?

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