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Following the election results

I’ll be at my precinct convention tonight, and after that I’ll be off to at least one results-watching event. I hope to post some results this evening, and whatever I don’t get to I’ll post in the morning. Obviously, there’s a lot of races, so have patience with me. Or just skip the middleman and get your state results here and your Harris County results here. We’ll figure out What It All Means later.

Oh, and if you feel like making a prediction or two, go right ahead. This may be a crazy night.

UPDATE: Some early vote results are in. Bill White is over 75%. Say “Goodnight, Gracie”. Rick Perry is over 50%, but not by much. The real shocker to me is seeing incumbent Railroad Commish Victor Carrillo getting trounced. Good news: Thomas Ratliff holds a slight lead over the wacko Don McLeroy. Not-sure-what-it-means news: Geraldine “Tincy” Miller is trailing. We’ll see how these play out. Fasten your seat belts.

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  1. hottentot says:

    Kesha Rogers? Kesha Rogers!?!?!?

    That is all.