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Weekend link dump for March 14

Get your brackets ready, it’s almost Madness time.

I join in the call for the FDA to overturn the lifetime ban on donating blood by gay men.

I agree, what the world needs now is more Godzilla haikus. For example:

History will show
Nature points out man’s folly
Again and again

Congratulations to all of the Razzie winners.

He’s baaaaaaaack!

The case against ad blockers.

When Republicans get in power, stuff like this is bound to happen.

The ways in which progressives made the health care bill better.

Gotta love the WSJ editorial page. They could characterize anything as dark and malevolent if they thought there was a buck to be made.

This would be Exhibit A for why I’ve never been particularly enamored with Dennis Kucinich.

The ten worst sucker punches in sports. Am I the only one who remembers Akeem Olajuwon (as he was then known) smacking Billy Paultz in the kisser during a playoff game, and getting away with it?

In case you needed another reason to root for the health care bill to pass. If this doesn’t make you a supporter, I can’t help you.

Some people deserve primary challengers more than others.

Not a problem. Good to know.

Edward Tufte is acting as a government advisor. He will not be creating PowerPoint slides.

You want your taxes to be simpler and easier? Here’s how to do it.

RIP, Corey Haim. I may have to re-watch “The Lost Boys” in his honor.

How not to hold a press conference, by Meg Whitman.

You tell ’em, Harry!

The Ryan Ripoff.

Best to be a Republican if you’re going to have a sex scandal.

CSI: Jurassic Park.

Just go read The Slacktivist. There’s never a wrong time to do that.

In case you wanted to dress like Amy Winehouse but weren’t sure how.

Apparently, size does matter.

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