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Averitt resigns

After announcing his withdrawal of his re-election bid to the State Senate but getting nominated anyway because it was too late to remove his name from the primary ballot, Sen. Kip Averitt has formally resigned, which will trigger a special election for his seat in May.

Averitt said last month his abrupt and surprising decision to withdraw was out of concern for his health.

“I have diabetes and high blood pressure, and my doctor has advised me that I am a walking heart attack,” Averitt said in the statement.

“While I have tried to regulate my health with diet, exercise and medication, my doctor has unequivocally recommended that reducing stress is a key component of my treatment. My family and I thank you for your thoughts and prayers.”


Former Sen. David Sibley of Waco, whom Averitt succeeded in the State Senate, issued a statement Monday evening in which he said he had been approached about again seeking the seat.

“Many in the District have asked about my interest in the position and I am honored they would consider me,” Sibley said.

“In my discussions with supporters and Republican county chairs I have heard a lot about the need for conservative, effective, common-sense government and look forward to continuing these conversations in the coming days,” he said.

All things considered, Averitt was a decent Senator, and Sibley wouldn’t be too bad, either. The special election would be to fill out the remainder of Averitt’s term; he would still need to be replaced on the November ballot, which would be a task for the relevant county party chairs. As Averitt had been unopposed, that means the Democrats would get to pick someone as well. Anyone want to suggest a possible candidate? Leave your ideas in the comments. My best wishes for continued good health in retirement to Kip Averitt. The Trib has more.

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  1. John Cobarruvias says:

    Sibley was decent to every corporation that approached him. He almost portrayed a hatred towards consumers. He is a big supporter of the home building industry and electricity deregulation. His lips were firmly attached to the insurance industry.

    Other than that, I guess he could be decent.

  2. Compared to Darren Yancy, Sibley is Winston Churchill.

  3. asmith says:

    I would have said former State Rep. John Mabry D-Waco but he’s running for his old seat against Doc Anderson and may just win it. Someone from McLennan should run though I think former Ellis County Treasurer Mark Price would be a great stand in. He ran for Ellis County Judge in 2002 and got beat in the GOP tide that year by Chad Adams.