Edwards asks for recount

No surprise.

State Rep. Al Edwards has asked for a recount of the primary election votes in the race he lost to Borris Miles by 10 votes.

Edwards filed the paperwork and submitted a $4,400 deposit this morning at the state Democratic Party headquarters in Austin, a spokeswoman confirmed.


Harris County Democratic Party Chairman Gerry Birnberg called a recount “a waste of money.”

“With electronic balloting, there’s nothing to recount,” Birnberg said.

Well, it’s his money, unless he wins. And there are a few absentee ballots – 1,381 of them in total, according to the County Clerk, and Edwards did win them by a decent amount, so who knows? This was to be expected, so let’s get it done. A statement from Rep. Edwards is beneath the fold.

Today, State Rep. Al Edwards formally filed for a recount in the March 2, 2010 primary for House District #146 with the Texas Democratic Party in Austin.

“In a highly contested race with the vote separated by only 10 votes, I strongly feel that its important that we take all necessary steps to ensure that no errors have been made. The request for a recount is not aimed at any particular individual or entities, simply to assure my constituents, as they have requested, that the count was fair and accurate as much as possible. Therefore I am seeking a recount of the voting results. I urge the Texas Democratic Party to approve the recount petition,” stated Rep. Edwards.

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