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Last day of early voting

Today is the last day to vote early in Texas. I really don’t know why we don’t extend early voting up through Election Day – at the very least, why we don’t extend it through the weekend before; Lord knows we could use the extra days – but we don’t. So this is it. Vote today at an early voting location, or vote Tuesday at one of these Democratic or Republican precinct locations. This is it, time’s running out, no second chances.

If you vote on Tuesday at a precinct location, please note that you must go to the correct one for your precinct. Unlike early voting, where you can pick your spot, your polling place is set. Your voter registration card has your precinct number on it, which you can then use to look up your precinct polling location. If you don’t have your card handy, you can look up your precinct number at – click on Voting Information, then either Address or Name and Address to enter your information to search. You can also determine your precinct location there. The bottom line is that you may only vote at your precinct location on Tuesday. If you go someplace else, you will be turned away. Please know where you’re going before you head out, especially if you vote later in the day.

You’ve probably heard about the “Texas two-step”, which is the precinct convention that follows the primary vote. That occurs at your precinct voting location, so if you voted early and you want to participate in that, you’ll need to look up your location anyway. Be there by 7:15 to take part. It’s a somewhat involved process, which is described in step-by-step detail here. Given the huge number of voters, especially new voters, expect a certain amount of chaos. But this is a big part of the process, so stick with it as best you can, and we’ll all get through it together.

So. How many of you have voted already, and how many of you plan to vote on Tuesday? How many of you plan to go to the precinct convention? Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. Peter says:

    You need to cut-off early voting , so you can get a list of early voters to the election judges, so they can mark them off on the voter rolls as having voted already!!! The election judges pick up their stuff on Sat & Sun before election day, so the early voting has to end on friday. the county prints out the lists of early voters on friday night. sorry for no caps today, it’s one of those days.

  2. John says:

    I haven’t voted yet. I’ve changed my mind about ten times in the last week or so. I’m 95% decided but have decided to wait till Tuesday – partly because today is a busy day, but also because I’m not completely certain how I’m going to vote in the presidential primary.

    I’m actually looking forward to participating in the election day ritual. I think early voting is a good idea, but there is something cool about casting one’s ballot along with everybody else.

  3. Souperman says:

    I voted last weekend on West Gray (at probably the busiest time of the day on the busiest day at the busiest location) – I’m just too much of an early voter to break that habit. I plan to go to the precinct convention, it being the first one I’ll actually be eligible and able to attend.

  4. Libby Shaw says:

    Thank you for sharing this very important information.

  5. Jim Thompson says:

    I voted today at the early voting location in old town Pearland. I only had to wait about ten minutes to vote in the Democratic party primary. On the GOP side, the wait was much shorter. My wife will have to vote on Tuesday, which is her normal day off; she’s expecting a madhouse. I did get my card stamped so I can participate in the caucus Tuesday night.