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Time for KBH to kick the can down the road again

The Senate is on the verge of passing the fixes to the health care reform bill that the House ratified on Sunday, but that’s not important right now. What really matters is that this means Senator Hutchison has a deadline approaching.

Hutchison said more than a year ago that she intended to resign in the course of running for governor. In July she said that resignation would come by December 2009. In October, she told WBAP’s Mark Davis Show that, with health care legislation still pending, she wasn’t ready to set a date. “I want to stay and fight with every bone in my body against a government takeover of health care,” she said.

In mid-November, she told GOP activists in Galveston, and at least one Republican candidate hoping to succeed her in the Senate, that she would resign after the March 2 primary, win or lose.

Four days before the primary, she was back on WBAP, backing away from the win or lose part, at least as a short term step, but reaffirming that “I am going to leave the Senate. It’s the best thing for Texas for me to leave the Senate, sometime this year before the November elections….I’m going to stay and fight health care. I promised that, so that’s my first commitment, and I will do that.”

Hutchison has yet to grant an interview since her defeat to Gov. Rick Perry.

Say it with me, people: Nobody knows what KBH is going to do. And now sing it with me:

Seriously, that just never gets old.

On a slightly more serious note, I see that KBH has now filed a bill to repeal the health care reform legislation that just passed. Which, I’ve got to think, suggests she plans to stick around a little longer. So ask yourself this question: What is more likely to happen, KBH resigns some time this year, or she serves her full term and then runs for re-election on 2012? Don’t tell me it can’t happen, that’s all I’m saying.

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