Watch parties everywhere

Among the many reasons why I’m hoping that the precinct convention business wraps up early tomorrow night is that I want to attend some parties. For some reason, there are several right in my neighborhood, and I know I’ll be craving some beer and fellowship as soon as the first EV numbers hit the streets.

Here’s a sample of the action out there.

Borris Miles
Herman Park Golf Course
2155 North MacGregor
Houston, TX

Armando Walle
American Legion Post 578
3415 Aldine Mail Rt.
Houston, TX 77039

Garnet Coleman and Jessica Farrar
2617 Yale St
Houston, TX 77008

Carol Alvarado
Doneraki at Gulfgate
300 Gulfgate
Houston, TX 77082

Adrian Garcia
Cadillac Bar
1802 Shepherd Drive, near the Katy Freeway
Houston, TX 77007

Rick Noriega
6th Street Bar and Grill
2701 White Oak Drive at Studewood Street
Houston, TX 77009

The Noriega, Garcia, and Coleman/Farrar parties are close to me; in fact, I could walk home from the Noriega event. Which means I may go there last, so as not to worry too much about having that one more beer. If you know of others, leave them in the comments.

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