Super Texas Tuesday is here at last

And even I’ll be ready to not hear those Obama commercials in heavy rotation on 103.7 Jack FM. I’m going to reiterate this post from Friday, for those of you who are voting today:

If you vote today at a precinct location, please note that you must go to the correct one for your precinct. Unlike early voting, where you can pick your spot, your polling place is set. Your voter registration card has your precinct number on it, which you can then use to look up your precinct polling location. If you don’t have your card handy, you can look up your precinct number at – click on Voting Information, then either Address or Name and Address to enter your information to search. You can also determine your precinct location there. The bottom line is that you may only vote at your precinct location today. If you go someplace else, you will be turned away. Please know where you’re going before you head out, especially if you vote later in the day.

You’ve probably heard about the “Texas two-step”, which is the precinct convention that follows the primary vote. That occurs at your precinct voting location, so if you voted early and you want to participate in that, you’ll need to look up your location anyway. Be there by 7:15 to take part. It’s a somewhat involved process, which is described in step-by-step detail here. Given the huge number of voters, especially new voters, expect a certain amount of chaos. But this is a big part of the process, so stick with it as best you can, and we’ll all get through it together.

Hope that helps. Happy voting, and please leave a comment to describe your experience.

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