Alabama Drafthouse Theater idea gains momentum

With the revelation that Weingarten has plans to demolish the interior of the former Alabama BookStop so that it may get turned into a Staples or something like it, more people are expressing the wish that something be done instead to preserve the old theater’s unique look. One obvious idea: Make it a theater again.

Whenever I’ve written about the historic theater and former Bookstop on Shepherd and West Alabama, readers always comment about how great it would be if Alamo Drafthouse took over the space.

Now there’s a Facebook page promoting the movement called “Put Alamo Drafthouse in Houston’s Alabama Street Theater!”

Well, I certainly agree with the idea, which as far as I can tell was first expressed by ‘stina last September. Nancy Sarnoff asked some real estate brokers who didn’t think this was a realistic idea, but until the Alamo Drafthouse CEO (whom Sarnoff has contacted for comment) says it’s a no go, I say keep the dream alive. By the way, as of this publication, there are 1,317 members of that Facebook group. Whether that means anything or not, that’s the question. Hair Balls has more.

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One Response to Alabama Drafthouse Theater idea gains momentum

  1. Joe White says:

    I’d like to see it turned into the Opera Vista Opera House and Bar.

    I’d also like a pony.

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