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From State Rep. Mike Villarreal’s blog, explaining the benefit of the Affordable Care Act for Texans:

Beyond this next year, many of the six million uninsured Texans will have health insurance, improving their health and financial stability, and saving all of us money. Middle class and low-income Texans who don’t have insurance through their jobs may receive subsidies on a sliding scale based on their income. For example, a family of four making less than $88,000 would be eligible for assistance. Low-income individuals will now be eligible for Medicaid. If you want to know what’s in health care reform for you, take a look at this interactive tool from the Washington Post.

Let’s put aside for a moment the political gamesmanship and the bogus legal posturing and the misleading and lying about what the ACA is and isn’t, and focus for a second on those six million uninsured Texans. Why is it, after eight (or more) years of Rick Perry, David Dewhurst, Greg Abbott, and (mostly) Speaker Craddick, that we had so many uninsured Texans? We know what these guys have done to take insurance away from many Texans. What have they done to provide it? When they say “we don’t want this”, how many of those six million are they speaking for? When they say “we can do a better job of it on our own”, why haven’t they done it? Never mind what they say they want to do next year when the Lege is in session. Why haven’t they already done it in all of the legislative sessions we’ve had since they were put in charge? Maybe the reason they’re so mad about what the federal government has done is because it has put their own lack of accomplishment in such stark relief. Why didn’t they do more – hell, why didn’t they do anything – to help these people? Their failure speaks for itself.

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